Have you participated in a cross promotion with another business and if not, why not?

You must have connections with other businesses that you could organize a cross promotion with and as a result expand the reach of your business.

Some of the benefits to be had:

  • Present in a different manner than usual.
  • Partner with a reputable business which will enhance the reputation of your business and vice a versa.
  • Reduce your expenses for a promotion by sharing the costs.
  • An opportunity to introduce your promotion partners clientele to your product or service.
  • Create brand awareness for your business by partnering with a recognized service/business in the market area.

How Do I get Started?

  • Create a plan with your Promo Partner.
  • Designate responsibilities, know who is doing what, what the total budget will be, what is being offered by each business.
  • Select a target market that is beneficial to your business and to your promo partner.
  • Ensure each partner is aware of everything going on, The Best Surprise is No Surprise.
  • Once the promotion is over it is time to dissect, perform an analysis.
  • How did it go with your promo partner, does he/she play well with others?
  • What did you feel worked well and what not so much?
  • And the number one question, was it profitable?

This is a great way to maximize your promo dollars, but it must be done effectively. Like every part of your business development the most important step is CREATE A PLAN.


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