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10 Business Misconceptions

When you read these, answer truthfully, how many have I said or thought? Notice I did not mention Social Media in any of these misconceptions, that can be a list of it's own. We are at a point if you are not on social media, you are not in business. This is not to say...

History of Business Cards

Business cards today are traded constantly, serving a recognized way to exchange your contact information with a potential client/customer. How did a simple card, 3.5 x 2. inches come to play such a central role in the business world? In many cases your business card...

How well do you treat your customers?

Are you being all you can be to your customer base? If yes, how do you let them know their business is appreciated? If the answer is no, we can help you do that with an affordable campaign that sends your message " We appreciate your business, and we are offering...

That’s The Way We Have Always Done It!

A newly married couple decided to invite friends for dinner and decided on ham. Out they went and purchased a nice big ham. The morning of the dinner the wife started preparing the ham, the first thing she did was cut about 4” off the end before cooking it. Her...

Maximize Your Advertising Dollar

Maximize Your Advertising Dollar

We can help you determine how much of your hard earned money you should be spending on promoting your business and how to maximize your advertising budget.

Business Card Special

Business Card Special

MARCH MADNESS!!! As a first time customer here is your chance to not only get great prices for all your print needs, but as a bonus receive 500 full colour standard business cards absolutely...

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